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Embroidery Solutions, Inc. (ESI) specializes in custom embroidered shirts for law enforcement and security. Professionals who work in an authoritative and official capacity – campus security officers, animal control, event staff, and many others – have very specific needs when it comes to their uniform logos and embroidery.

It must be instantly recognizable. Whether or not they are responding to an emergency situation, the logo on a custom uniform must be instantly readable and serve as identification. During emergencies, the logo on a custom polo is an important indicator that the wearer is not a civilian and can be called upon to help.

In non-emergency situations, such as when a visitor at a hospital or on a school campus stops to ask a question, the garment that the officer is wearing must represent the school or hospital properly. The logo must help instill a sense of trust and authority.

It must look impeccable at all times, despite heavy wear. Uniform polo shirts worn by security officers and officials, particularly those who work outdoors, get a lot of wear and tear. Special care must be given to the materials and color of a custom logo to ensure that it can withstand the elements as well as everyday usage. A worn-out logo on an officer’s shirt simply doesn’t give off the same sense of security.

Logos, embroidery, and printing must meet regulatory compliance. There may be governmental, professional, or company regulations that dictate the look of the logo on garments. Everything from official colors to proprietary graphics must be represented in perfect clarity. It must be accurate and look precisely the same on every garment that is produced.

Logos worn by law enforcement and security officers hold a lot of meaning. They are important symbols to the people that they serve. As such, logos must be entrusted only to an embroidery and printing company with the necessary experience and technical expertise. In Central Florida, this is ESI.

ESI provides specialized, work-ready polo shirts for security and law enforcement with mic clips at both shoulders and the center placket and a double pen pocket.

About ESI
Embroidery Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a leading Central Florida embroidery and printing company with nationwide service. Since 1998, ESI has been creating the highest-quality custom embroidered polos, shirts, hats, screen printing, and other custom products.