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You can pack some fun and a lot of info into a QR code. People only have to whip out the smartphone in their pocket (or already in their hand), and snap a pic of the code with their QR code reader app. They are instantly connected to your website, message, or image.

Screen-printing is Best for QR Codes on Shirts

If you look at the QR code, you’ll see that it’s a jumble of pixels with large squares in all four corners. Because it must be machine-readable, each pixel must be in place for the code to work.

Screen-printing gives you an advantage:

  • Precision in monochromatic designs — QR codes are single-color and geometric, making them the ideal subject for screen-printing
  • Versatile placement options — screen-printing lets you choose where to put your design
  • Cost-effective in large batches — QR codes don’t work if people don’t see them! Get your QR code in front of as many people as possible.

QR Codes as a Business Card

As a businessperson, you know you have to get creative sometimes to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve pushed a paper business card into someone’s hand, there’s no telling what you’ve achieved with it or whether the recipient even glanced at it.

With QR codes, since it’s all done online, you can see the effects right away. With Web analytics, you can track whether people are using your code, and how.

The best part of QR codes is that they can be linked to anything you dream up and put online:

  • Your contact info
  • A full-color, interactive resume or portfolio
  • A video introducing yourself
  • Your personal or professional web page
  • A landing page that links to a product demo, sales page, or company profile

The possibilities are endless! Offer someone a printed QR code and say it’s your business card. You’re sure to pique their interest much more than if you had handed them a boring old piece of card stock.

Finding the Best Printer

Look for a printer who has:

  • A wide range of promotional apparel and products onto which you can put your design
  • In-house design consultants to help you choose the most effective size and placement of your QR code
  • Experience with large-batch screen-printing


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