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What are the most innovative and sustainable materials for making shoes and apparel? Is it cotton or hemp? What is the environmental impact of using different materials?

Strangely, there was no easily accessible data that answered these sorts of questions. With materials being more than half of their footprint, Nike has a great stake in these questions. Beginning with a huge database of materials, the athletic shoe and apparel company created the Making app based on the data they compiled. It is another step in Nike’s goal to clean up their manufacturing process and eliminate all hazardous chemicals by 2020. The hugely popular app has been downloaded in 23 countries and been incorporated into the curriculum at two design schools, according to Fast Company.

A Small Step Toward a Big Difference

For designers and other creatives, this allows for better decisions when it comes to choosing materials for their projects. It’s also one step to keeping this type of decision-making easy and available to anyone.

As a small business, ESI has a stake in these issues as well. The use of sustainable methods and materials means better efficiency, responsibility, and leads to business growth—and so we support suppliers like Nike who offer products that align with our customers’ needs.