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New York Fashion Week can be described as where the fashion trends of the year begin, and the 2013 season certainly saw a lot of neon! And it wasn’t just NYC. Fashion Week shows in Paris, Milan, and Brazil were among others that featured neon hues. It’s no wonder, then, that neon has been making a splash in apparel retail and printing.

In the world of business apparel, neon colors straight from the runway are in high demand. During Breast Cancer Awareness events, we saw local companies and charity organizations choose neon pink for screen-printed t-shirts. Even embroidered polo shirts are featuring these bright hues, which can be toned down to take on a more business-like tone while retaining its eye-catching brilliance. Many businesses are choosing less glaringly bright versions of fluorescents to look professional and optimistic.

1. Neon text can be hard to read. When designing t-shirts or polos for your team to wear, consider using neon as a highlighter for dark text instead. Readability is key!

2. Keep fluorescent hues away from the face area. Neon colors don’t go with every skin tone. To make sure that everyone on your team looks their best, use neon colors away from the neckline and surrounding area, where color clashes tend to stand out most.

3. Choose neon colors for special events. Business professionals may or may not find it suitable to wear these super-bright colors every day, but for special events and conventions, they are fantastic. It is eye-catching and gives off a bright and urgent impression. This is especially important if you’ve only got a short time to get your message out, such as during a convention or festival.

4. Pair neon colors wisely. A great way to use neon colors is to offset them with darker, non-neon colors, such as neutrals and monochromatic colors. This way, you can have a colorful graphic or multi-layered logo design that really pops. Go easy on your neon color-mixing, and you’ll have a highly visible shirt that gives off some great energy!


Being trendy is a boom to business. You can infuse a little modern energy and fun into your business with our neon printed shirts and embroidered polos and bring your company into the summer!

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