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If you’re an athlete (or live somewhere warm like Florida), you’ve probably heard the term moisture wicking and wondered what it meant. It’s also known as Dri-Fit, the brand name popularized by Nike for their line of moisture wicking clothing.

With standard cotton clothing, when you sweat, the clothes absorb the perspiration, get wet and heavy, and they chafe. If you’ve cycled or walked briskly into work, it means you’re sitting in gross, sweaty clothing all day unless your office provides showers. Those in colder climates, particularly when doing winter sports, are in danger of hypothermia when cold moisture is against the skin for a long period of time.

As you may remember from school, liquid is drawn from one place to another by a process called capillary action. This can allow liquids to flow upwards, seemingly in defiance of gravity. It’s how trees get water to their leaves, and how tears drain from your tear ducts. It’s also how lighter fuel or hot wax passes through the wick of a Zippo or candle — hence, the phenomenon is also known as wicking.
Advantages and Versatility of Dri-Fit

Some materials, silk and wool, for example, are better at wicking than others. However, clothing scientists developed artificial clothing materials designed to exploit this moisture wicking property in order to help athletes control sweat. Moisture wicking clothing doesn’t keep you from sweating, but uses capillary action to draw sweat away from the body and onto the exterior of the garment, where the moisture evaporates faster.

Moisture wicking clothing:
• Does not absorb sweat
• Dries rapidly
• Is much more comfortable
• Is easier to launder
• reduces the ability of bacteria to breed on the clothing

Moisture Wicking Business Shirts and More

The most common items are sports shirts, but moisture wicking fabrics have also been used to create sports bras, underwear, and shoes. Its usage isn’t confined to sports either. If you’ve ever worked in a hot office, you may be familiar with the feeling of embarrassing sweat stains on your back and armpits: moisture wicking business shirts could solve that problem. For those who like the outdoor life, they make perfect hiking clothes for all weather, whether you’re walking through wind, rain, snow or sun. And at home, moisture wicking thermo-regulating sleepwear can give you a comfortable night’s sleep even on a hot night.

You can make a great moisture wicking business polo for your company uniform, or a moisture wicking sports team jersey. They look great with your team’s logo, but be sure to choose an embroider/printer who has the machinery and technique to be able to embroider and/or print quality moisture-wicking apparel. Embroidery Solutions in Central Florida has great experience in this area, and they provide nationwide service.