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Event planners looking for promotional t-shirts choose screen-printing for several great reasons:

They know it’s hard to turn down a t-shirt, especially if it’s soft and high quality. Whenever that t-shirt gets worn, it’s advertisement. Screen-printed shirts are particularly suited for some uses. Here are five, below.

School Spirit Days and Outings

School spirit days, field trips, and events outside of the school are opportunities to instill a sense of community in kids. There’s no better way to show this visibly than by giving them all matching t-shirts. Better yet, let them design their own.

Volume discounts on screen-printed tees make it possible to design for all the events scheduled in the year. Students can have different designs by grade, group, event, or location.

Conventions and Trade Shows

This one is a no-brainer. All personnel working your booth at a convention or trade show must be wearing something that shows your logo, design, taglines, and even short descriptions of your products and services. Embroidered polos, hats, and screen-printed t-shirts identify your staff to convention-goers. Well-designed shirts work as conversation starters, as well. The value of these conversations is a clear return on your investment in screen-printed shirts and polos.

Fundraising & Charity Events

If you’re a nonprofit or otherwise raising money for a cause, t-shirts can help raise awareness. Offering a gift to potential donors is also a powerful tool. It creates what psychologists call a sense of “reciprocity” – if you give someone something, it creates a subtle need to give something back. In fundraising, this can mean your cause receives a donation or an increased donation amount.

The best gifts to offer include items that are:

Given in advance (read why below)
Immediately useful
Highly stylish or something that can be used with pride
Offer a public acknowledgment of the donation

T-shirts, polos, hats, or tote bags are popular gifts. Screen-printed designs are economical and durable.

Why Give in Advance?

Don’t offer gifts as a reward for donating to your cause. It causes what’s called a “crowding out” effect. People start to focus on what they’re going to receive instead of their altruistic act of giving. Their donations tend to get smaller as a result.

Teams, Booster Clubs, and Family Supporters

Of course sports team members should have uniforms, but what about their supporters? There’s nothing cooler than seeing waves of a common color in the stands, knowing they’re all for your team. Seeing big groups of supporters in matching designs breeds a sense of belonging and team spirit. It’s why many people get into sports in the first place!

If you’re a part of a team or booster group for teams that participate in multiple events in the year, there’s nothing more economical or fun as designing screen-printed design for each.

As an added bonus:

If you develop a relationship with your local screen-printer, you won’t have to start from scratch each time. It’ll get faster and easier with each batch.

Special Events that Utilize Volunteers

For a charity event, sporting meet, company function, or anything else that may use the services of volunteers, screen-printed t-shirts are a practical alternative to providing brand-new uniforms. Volunteers who are on hand for a single special event don’t need a permanent uniform. They also need to wear something made specifically for that event with the pertinent details and advertisements. There is nothing more practical than screen-printed tees for this.

Screen-printing questions?

We can assist you with details on design, layout, and batch screen-printing for your event or group. Contact ESI with your screen-printing questions today.