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Of all of the decisions a small business owner must make, the choice of employee uniforms is among the most important. On the plus side, employee uniforms can earn:


The Small Business Administration can help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a small business owner when it comes to developing employee uniforms and a dress code for your small business.

Employee Uniforms Provide a Sense of Security

The service sector is people-centered and highly competitive. How do you stand out from other companies as the one to trust?

Businesses in HVAC, electrical installation, major appliance installation, appliance repair, or similar profession require company workers to enter customer homes. Any business that delivers to residences also has a direct line between worker and customer. Each time a customer comes into contact with workers is an opportunity for service. Companies know this, and the competition is fierce to provide the best service and be the most trusted name in their industry.

Companies are relying on technology and communication as tools to build trust. Air conditioning companies, for example, will call ahead to let customers know that installers are on their way to the house. The more advanced companies are taking advantage of social media, SMS (text messaging), and email to send along their “We’re on the way!” messages, including things like worker credentials, photographs, and detailed descriptions of the uniforms the workers will be wearing. It’s all part of establishing security and trust.

When workers arrive at the customer’s door, the most important first steps are a friendly, clear greeting identifying the company and a company uniform with the company logo in plain sight.
Pro Tip:

When deciding on placement and design of the company logo on a custom embroidered polo shirt, consider what the logo will look like through a peephole. It takes careful consideration to make the logo welcoming and easy to read under these constraints.

Workers project a company image every time they approach customers. A great-looking professional uniform ensures that they are projecting the right message.

When Workers Get Dirty

Plenty of jobs in the service industry get their workers dirty! Whether it’s from machine oil, chemicals, or plain ol’ dirt, employee uniforms get stained. Imagine if employees were wearing their own stained clothes. That would just look awful. A few stains on a company uniform look a lot better any day.

At the end of the service call, when it’s time for the workers close up shop and take care of contract forms with the customer, it might be a good idea to require a company jacket or other cover-up. Providing an embroidered company jacket in a light material is a great way to let workers hide any work stains and finish up with the customer looking their most professional.

Great Deals on Outerwear

We’re winding down the coldest days and heading into our Florida spring! We still have some cool weather in the mornings and evenings. Employee uniforms don’t accomplish much if they are obscured by a non-company hoodie or sweatshirt. Don’t forget to consider custom-embroidered company outerwear, such as logo jackets, official vests, and logo-embroidered sweaters.