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Custom Corporate Embroidery Specialists

Embroidery is a highly skilled trade that takes years to master. Our Orlando staff has over 30 years of combined experience in the embroidery and screen-printing business. We use the latest technology in embroidery equipment, threads and digitizing software to produce innovative, state-of-the-art branded apparel. Our team specialists will provide you with expert assistance in how to turn your event, company name or logo into wearable advertising that fits within your budget. Call or visit our showroom to experience the Embroidery Solutions advantage today.

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Our Embroidery Process

Our pre-production specialists inspect all files and designs to ensure the artwork is satisfactory for embroidery and the details can be stitched clearly.

The artwork is digitized in a specialized embroidery software that programs the stitching and settings required to sew the artwork out correctly.

The digitized file is programmed into the embroidery machine so a physically stitched sample can be created to check for clean, tight stitching.

A sample is created on a similar fabric to inspect the quality of the stitching so that any additional adjustments, if required, can be made before stitching into the products.

Once the sample is tested and approved, the order goes to our embroidery team to run the entire order.

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