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At the core of brand-building is name recognition and consistent messaging. When people need a service that you provide, it’s important that they think of you; and when they do, your company name should be associated with a certain image—one that you want to project.

Custom-embroidered company logo shirts can accomplish this “in the field” in several ways.

Custom embroidery is a cost-effective means of increasing visibility. It’s also a way of differentiating yourself and your employees.

Polo Shirts to Identify and Reward Your Best Workers

In addition to the embroidered logo, polo shirts can hold additional text along sleeves, which you can use to:


Many companies assign different colored polos to different departments or to their highest performers. This is a good way to communicate an individual worker’s capabilities. Customers or other employees can instantly recognize someone from the IT department, for example, by the color of their shirts. They can further confirm that they have found the person they need by the additional text on the sleeve. The custom embroidery on the sleeve could identify a team leader, a volunteer, or a star salesperson.

This type of identification can also serve as encouragement to other workers. If high performance or promotions are rewarded a different color shirt or earns an embroidered emblem on their sleeve, it is a subconscious reminder to everyone of what they could be striving for.

Give Specially Embroidered Polo as Gifts

There is an art to gift-giving in the corporate world. Gifts should be customized to each recipient to show that they are not just a number. Gifts should be practical – something useful and lasting. Each item should clearly feature your company name.

The bottom line is that gifts should appeal to emotion by being thoughtful and unique to each recipient. They should show off the strength of your company. There is plenty of room to get creative. With a custom-embroidered polo shirt, you are offering something of lasting value that promotes your company in a positive light.

Discuss Options with Your Printer

Your local printer can offer design and cost options that make the most sense for your business. The best items for corporate gifting will be a balanced combination of customization and cost-effectiveness.