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You may have heard that colors can actually affect mood. Some even test this theory in real world ways. Color affects all of us in different ways, and that includes the colors you wear. So when you’re considering colors for your custom embroidered uniforms, take color psychology into account.

Here are some of the effects of all colors and how they are perceived by the psyche:

– Black is an easy color to work with, which is why it’s pretty common. On the psychological side, it represents power and sophistication. It also has a slimming effect.

– On the flip side, white is known for being associated with purity and serenity, so it could be seen as almost calming to some.

– Yellow is cheery and warm, but it is also associated with eyestrain. If you use yellow, it should be limited and not overpowering.

– Red is a color that definitely creates strong emotional reactions. It is often associated with speed and excitement, making it a great color to wear in power situations like sales pitches.

– Blue is a color associated with a calm feeling that inspires serenity. However, it is often associated with sadness. (That blue feeling after a bad day.) Know how to use it and break it up so it’s not so overpowering.

– Orange and green are two very safe colors with very few negative emotions attached to them. Orange is great for its warm feeling that can help make other colors less intense; green is known for being good luck and natural.

– Pink is a unique color because it is associated with creating a calming, relaxing effect (which is why some prisons paint their walls that color). This can be good in small doses, but not for all day.

– Lastly, there’s brown. This color tends to be associated with age and maturity. However, too much gives the impression of being old-fashioned. So, having brown is good in certain situations, but not all the time.

How can knowing these colors and the moods they suggest help your business? Mainly it gives you a guide so you can consider the message you want to get across to your customers. For example, blue and green help to establish trust and dependability respectively, so if your employees wear these colors, customers might be inclined to ask them a question. Red is a color used to get attention, so salesmen might wear red so customers can find them easily.

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