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Those who live in Florida know how hot it gets during the summer. And summer is coming back full steam ahead! And since many businesses have employees who spend a good amount of their time outside, it’s important that these businesses help their employees by supplying them with uniforms equipped to take on the Florida heat.

Clothing to be worn outside should be three things:

  1. Lightweight: This is pretty straightforward. The lighter the fabric, the easier it is to move in the clothing and the less work that has to be done.
  2. Breathable: If air cannot circulate through your clothes, then your body will get hotter. Plus, if the fabric is breathable, it won’t trap sweat as much, which keeps your body from getting too hot.
  3. Sun Protection: Florida sees a lot of sun (hence the nickname “The Sunshine State”). Most cities in Florida see over 200 sunny days a year, and some even see over 250! With that in mind, the clothing your employees wear outside should protect them from getting burned by the sun.

While most fabrics have different levels of the above qualities, just about any moisture-wicking material will allow your employees to be comfortable both inside and out. It matches the needs of being lightweight and breathable while providing the protection needed from the sun. For those who go in and out, like car salesmen who bring customers to the lot to view and car and then inside the office to fill out paperwork, moisture wicking polos can really provide that comfort as well as a professional look.

If you’re unsure what the best route for your business might be, then the friendly staff at Embroidery Solutions will help you find the best path for your employee’s uniforms. Don’t forget to ask about custom embroidery as well.