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Is your business look trendy or classic? Your choice of style, cut, and fabric for your apparel can say a lot about that. Do you prefer the performance fabrics or basics like pure cotton for your business polos?

Performance fabrics, like cotton-poly blends and moisture-wicking microfibers found in Nike Dri-Fit, manage to stay trendy because apparel manufacturers and designers are continually innovating on these types of textiles. That means available styles are fashionable, and the clothes get better at resisting stains and preventing color-fade. They’re a popular choice for a myriad of reasons:

– Superior durability, stain resistance, fade resistance

– Lycra-infused blends offer great stretch, to fit all sizes and shape

– Moisture-wicking properties are highly desirable

Businesses tend to go for performance fabrics, particularly in summer, because they have an abiding interest in keeping their employees cool and comfortable during bouts of activity.

We love our performance fabrics, but we can’t ignore the popularity and longevity of cotton, either.

Some Swear by Cotton

There’s nothing like the feel of cotton, especially after a wash or two. For many wearers, synthetic fabrics come close but cannot fully duplicate the soft wear and drape that is unique to 100% cotton. We often hear, too, that cotton tends to wear cooler than synthetics and blends.

It is also a highly versatile fabric. Cotton takes printing better than synthetics. By choosing according to weave and weight, all-cotton t-shirts and polos can be the perfect choice for many types of usage and wear.

Tips for choosing higher-quality 100% cotton business apparel

For finer wear and style, look for details like:

– Pima cotton. Finer fibers create a softer feel and less imperfections

– Flat knit rib collars. Better structure than self-fabric collars and tends to look better for business

– Double-needle stitching. Provides additional structure and a smarter look